Friday, 15 August 2008


I have some peoples friends.. :D

How excitings that!
All of you will agree that in terms of it being a long time
Very is not quite the word.
Extremely might do though.

So as of tomorrow I shall start reading them and making notes
Obviously I'll be straight back here
Making astute observations about their content while mocking them relentlessly.
Entertaining and informative is a maxim to live by.

Personally I'm not really looking forward to it
Eviscerating them is going to be fun but reading the actual stories *shudders*
Obligation compels me to though, so, needs must I guess
Perhaps though it wont be all that bad
Levity might insue
Energising me, compelling me to read more
Seducing me to their compelling worlds where everything works out all right

Freakier things have happened...
Realistically though it will devolope into a tedium
Intresting at first then
Ennui setting in and a steady decline
Never the less I will persisit
Doggardly fighting on for you dear reader
Striving forth for your occural entertainment..


Thursday, 14 August 2008

So.. a short while has turned ino over two weeks... lol.

ho hum. at least I can still remember the website address which is a vast improvement on my other online consistanty journal type things.

Still no People's Friends MAgazines though. *shakes fist*

hopefully this sunday, hey?

Sunday, 27 July 2008

sunday - adventrue continues

So my mission to go to my Granddad's and nick his back catalogue of "El Frienderino" failed misserably as the usual visit to my granddad's transmorphed quite viscerrally into a barbeque at my uncles... so it goes. On the plus side I got to dump tackle some of my cousins... so you know that particular lining was fairly silver if not eventually blood splattered...

Online reading has continued... "El frienderino del la peoples" has both short fiction contained on a page of about a 1.000 words, 4 page spread of a about 4,000 words and serials which are eaten by the elderly at breakfast.

Fuck you and your derisive groan. It is late. humid as buggery in a greenhouse while ten thousand kettles perpetually boil and I've been drinking. be thankful that I can still type.

...but also they have a kids story section.. which the stories run at 500 - 800 words, and they accept stories of the rhyming vernacular (see this... ignore typos. Also, mine are the two under the name of arrangedletters) which is going to my first aim to get a foot in the door so to speak.. I would of said to get a foot in "the friend" but that just sounds coarse.

My idea as it stands so far is a nice little rhyming couplet jobby about Curiosity getting put on trial for murdering the cat. which will act as a parable of some form of how children should be encouraged to be curious to try and gain understanding of things they don't know etc... so dunno how that will go..

still need to get some magazines though so I can mock them on here and take the piss/do an analysis of running themes through the stories and such.

that'll do for now.

speak to you in a few days no doubt.


Saturday, 26 July 2008

Setting out the plan.

For some strange reason, which I still don't fully understand, the idea struck me that I should set my self a challenge of trying to get a piece of short fiction published in People's Friend magazine.

If your unfamiliar with the magazine you probably not aking your pension yet.

This is what the "Friend" has to say about what it wants:

"First, a bit about the most important people — the readers. Without them there would be no magazine!

They range in age from about thirty to well over eighty. They like being entertained — and dislike being depressed. They like realistic material, but not so realistic — with sex, violence, drugs, drink, etc — that they are frightened or saddened. They still believe in the sanctity of marriage and the importance of the family. Our readers like people — ordinary people, with problems they can sympathise with, and in situations they can relate to. They're optimistic — they like to see something good coming out of a situation, or the redeeming side of a character. They're practical women — and men — with ordinary interests and hobbies. They're always willing to give a neighbour a helping hand and enjoy being with a group of friends.

Yes — they are traditionalist. And proud of it! So they like to see their values reflected in their "Friend". Many say that's exactly how they regard the magazine — as a friend."

This is far removed from where my usual comfortzone is while writing so, thought I why not test my self and see what I can do. I shall try and keep this regularly updated with the goings on of the process and such,

Tomorrow, I'm going to my grandad and purloining the back catalogue of "friends" that he has to get some source material on style and subject matter and such. Fun!